Many home sales are reliant on a valuation or home buyers survey, at this point a surveyor may recommend an investigation into the condition and location of the drains and underground services.

We understand your needs and offer help and professional advice on all your drainage questions.

Pre-purchase house surveys are now required by most mortgage lenders, alongside giving peace of mind to the prospective property buyer. This can be particularly relevant if the property is older, refurbishment has been undertaken, or if there have been construction activities in the surrounding area.

A CCTV drainage survey can often identify the scale of any issue and any remedial work involved. Simple fixes can be put in place to clear any blockages and get the sale back on track.

For Letting agents managing properties on behalf of clients requires plumbing and drainage issues to be dealt with quickly and effectively. Your clients are number 1 and your own brand reputation relies on having a good name in the market.

Powerclean environmental services provides a fast and cost-effective 24-hour service for unblocking drains.

From problems such as flooding, bad odour or rat infestation.

Whether it’s a blocked toilet, sink or drain. You can count on our drain unblocking team to attend any unexpected drainage emergencies and resolve the situation as soon possible.

We provide detailed job descriptions of which provides evidence to retrieve payments from tenancy deposit protection scheme, keeping tenants disputes to a minimum.

Pre planned maintenance
Avoid emergency drainage repair or sewage renovation call outs with our sewer and drain management and maintenance service. Our bespoke plans are the most appropriate asset management service for your business that balances the cost of monitoring and planned drainage maintenance against the cost and risks of asset deterioration and failure, ensuring a reduction in risk.

Our planned drain maintenance service visits allow internal and external drainage assets to be closely managed, preventing expensive, unexpected repairs. By flushing the drainage system out on a regular basis we can maximise the flow rate of your assets, reducing the number of unforeseen blockages. We also have a reactive drain maintenance service to support your asset management system on a call out basis.

For example areas that are problematic or are prone to blockages due to poor fall or the build-up of fat, oils and greases might require more regular visits. Plus surface water drains and culverts can become silted up and high pressure jetting is required on a regular basis.